Hearth & Larder is a one-woman show. Everything is made from scratch, one batch at a time made with seasonal, pesticide-free, fruit and organic sugar.

All of my citrus marmalades are made without the use of commercial pectin. I utilize the natural pectin found within the membranes and seeds. In other fruit jams that don't have enough natural pectin I use 100% pure citrus pectin powder which is non GMO, gluten free, vegan, and free of additives, preservatives, sugar, dextrose and contains no corn or apple by-products.

The citrus I use is primarily grown in the orchards of Bernard Ranches in Riverside, California. They utilize beneficial insects to control pests and fertilize with seaweed and mushroom compost producing superior flavor and sweetness.

Small batches are cooked in large copper pans which offers exceptional heat conductivity and reduces the overall cooking time. The result is vividly flavorful, fresh tasting marmalades and preserves. The process is labor intensive but that's why it tastes so good!

And it's always 100% handmade.